Geospatial Data Acquisition

The geospatial data you need

Our team knows geospatial data is essential to making informed decisions. Geospatial data is information that's about a space, location, field, infrastructure, or city—and it's collected within a certain timeframe. With Patriot Aerial Worx, acquiring the data you need has never been easier.

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Surveillance & Security

On the lookout

You no longer have top venture across a large area to monitor the perimeter of your land. Our equipment can quickly display the whole area—saving you time and putting you at ease.

Whether you want to monitor your company's inventory or ensure that your cattle herds are where they're supposed to be—Patriot Aerial Worx can help. For more information...


An eagle eye

With the help of our drones, we have the power to take footage of hard-to-reach places. Inspecting every inch to guarantee its structural integrity, scoping out any damages done to telecommunication towers, and examining roofs for leaks or damage are all in our wheelhouse.

Once we take the footage, we'll present our findings so you can determine your next step. For more information...

Aerial Mapping

Map out your next move

With our aerial mapping capabilities, we'll provide the localized area map that you need—compiled by accurate geospatial data taken from the footage of our NDAA compliant drones. With just a glance, you'll be able to see everything you need to know from a top-level view. For more information...

Risk Management

Indentify. Assess. Plan.

Geospatial data is vital to identifying and mitigating risks. We can acquire the data you need to identify risks in your environments, communities, infrastructures, and overall public health. For more information...